Intimate + Immersive Coaching for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs Ready to Accelerate Their Growth & Reach New Heights.

It’s time to let go of the hustle, work less and make more. Imagine having a waitlist full of clients ready to pay you or waking up to sales that you made in your sleep? These are the results my private coaching clients are seeing and now it’s your turn. 

Please note, I only work with entrepreneurs who know that deep down they are limitless, and are done living anything less than their best life. My clients are experts at what they do; they just need to streamline their marketing strategy with a coach who’s been where they are and knows the process they need to follow in order to generate the success they desire (and deserve).

Over the course of 6 months, we’ll plug you into your soul purpose, brand your unique gifts, master attraction marketing (& then automate it), make sure you’re serving from your highest self and then scale your impact with ease.

Due to the intimate nature of the program, there are limited spots available to work with me by application only.

Book a time to chat and submit an application below:

Are you a coach, healer, influencer or entrepreneuer who wants to            rise up as a powerful leader in your industry?

 Are you ready to generate consistent income while working less?

Do you want to finally reap the benefits of financial freedom?




are non-negotiables for a lifestyle-based business.

How do I know?

As a Business Strategist, Success Coach + Marketing Expert, I help entrepreneurs increase their income & impact

while working less and rising up as leaders in their industries.

The first step to leading a liberated life is affirming you are WORTHY of a liberated life. Now that we got that part out of the way…


My name is Lexi Schaffer and it is my job to help you liberate your life by increasing your income and impact in the world while working less.

As a business strategist, success coach and marketing expert I help trailblazing entrepreneurs grow, scale and market their companies so they can create their own rules & live on their own terms. 

I started my business after graduating college when I realized my corporate marketing gig was not for me. I knew I was meant for more outside of a cubile and I believed in my ablity to launch my own successful marketing busienss more than anything. 

3 months later, I replaced my corporate salary entirely online and no longer have to report to a cubicleI finally found liberation.

Now it’s your turn.


  • Eliminate burnout and overwhelm from your vocabulary?

  • Automate marketing systems and structures in your business?

  • Finally enjoy the time and financial freedom you desire (and deserve)?

My job is to show you how.

Your Results From Working Together:



– Increase your confidence and boost your intuition by adapting a daily mindset strategy that aligns with your goals and your schedule.

– Get clear on your vision, goals and purpose in your unique niche & online business so you always know the best next step to take.

– Design an ideal schedule so you always feel supported and have a plan to take action on that produces results you desire most.  


– Overhaul your social media presense, branding and marketing inititives with a content calender + schedule aligned with your sales goals.

– We will strengthen your voice to gain massive online visibility and create a tribe of loyal followers + customers + brand advocates. 

– Determine your unique personal + professional brand stories that sets you apart in your industry so compeition becomes irrelevent.


– Apply systems and structures in your business around your ideal schedule + desired income for the ultimate freedom-filled lifestyle.

– Automate technicial aspects of your business so you can create even more freedom in your work schedule (hello sales funnels).

–  Transform your mindset for abundance to scale your online business quickly so you can truly liberate your life.


Is this only for coaches?

Absolutely not! I’ve worked with an array of service-based entreprneurial clients including designers, authors, social media managers, copywriters, healers and health professionals.

How do I know if I’m qualified to join the program?

If you are ready to grow, scale and market your company online with a coach who can help you streamline the process, this is for you.

Book a Strategy Session for any additional questions.

What if I’m not clear on my business yet?

That’s okay! Together we will dig deep and uncover your soul’s purpose, ideal client avatar, brand your unique gifts, package your offers, master attraction marketing (& then automate it) based on the lifestyle you want to build your business around. I’ve seen clients completely shift their business model once we started working together and they have still produced killer results.

Can you guarantee results?

I am confident in my ability to equipt you with every tool you need in order to smash your business goals. If you show up, do the work and stay commited to the process, a shift is inevitable, however I cannot guarantee specific results or desired income.


 Apply for a Strategy Session: 

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