I have helped dozens of entrepreneurs liberate their lives with Intuitive Marketing.

Here are a few of their testimonials:

Lexi is amazing — intuitive, kind hearted, helpful and strategic. Working together she gave targeted advice for issues I was having with my sales process. I walked away with 4-5 strategies I could implement right away — and that was in one hour of working with her.

-Emily Chen

Branding Specialist

“Lexi is genuine, caring and highly knowledgeable. I was instantly attracted to her energy and just had to book in a call with her.

Straight away she was able to still my fears around my lack of clarity and clear up the specific blockages I was experiencing at the time, and I was easily able to put in the technical steps to move forward in my business.

I would highly recommend Lexi, and hope to work with her again in the future!”

-Ellyse Howe

Life Coach

“I’m Laurie-Ann, a professional speaker and author of Rethinking Your Leadership. Before I worked with Lexi, I struggled with doing everything myself and had accepted this as normal. Since working with her, personally, I experienced a major ah-ha or shift that had been holding me back.

Now, I am taking the steps to build my team, which is building my business to the next level. Hiring Lexi is a no brainer, I only wished I’d done it sooner.”

-Laurie-Ann Murabito

Speaker, Author & Coach

I am a huge believer in integrity. I feel Lexi is a very authentic and educated individual. There are lots of teachers out there to pick from so it is important to me to find one that I can trust and that I feel is listening to my questions and needs. Lexi nailed all of this.

After my coaching call with Lexi I felt like the lens was clearer if that makes any sense. Lexi has this beautiful way of sharing her experience with you. I felt like I was talking with a childhood friend.

-Judy Malone

Nutritionist & Natural Living Life Coach

Lexi combines her deep knowledge and dead-on intuition to provide tailored, effective practices for her clients. I felt very safe sharing my current circumstances with Lexi, and her quick, precise instruction was precisely what I needed and wanted. I am grateful to Lexi for her careful attention to listening to me and my needs and creating a practice that will benefit me daily in my current space.

Lexi helped me by creating a daily practice specifically for me and what I need at this point in my life. She explained things in such a way that I could really integrate the practice into my lifestyle. I am so thankful for her insight and intuition. She was spot on.

-Tyler Kyle

Author & Translator

Lexi is kind, knowledgeable and very personal. She will help you recognize the personal development areas such as habits, health, and business and will you provide guidance. Lexi will also help you raise your spiritual awareness. I look forward to her sessions every week. -Kris Kumar

Technology Architect

In addition to her beautiful, intelligent and kind soul Lexi embodies many strong intuitive healing abilities. She will be a very important healer and light worker for her generation and generations yet to come. -Katherine Austin

Yoga Studio Owner

Lexi helped me demystify what can seem on the surface to be a “weird” technology. She helped explain in specific terms the theory and science behind Kundalini yoga, while also designing a custom practice to fit my needs. Her enthusiasm and passion for Kundalini is contagious and she’s a joy to work with! -Dan Mason

Life Coach & Podcast Host

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